Last of the good kings, before the Lord should come,

            prince of a generation marked for doom

            for sins of their fathers, straying of a nation;

            the throne you came to faced condemnation.


            You called on people to return to your God,

            abandon their idols, come back to the Lord.

                        For thirty-one years you shone in the darkness

            of a sin-ruined people, given up for conquest.


            History says that you merely delayed

            an end that was certain, a judgement long weighed;

            so was it just futile to strive with the tide,

            or did you achieve things which can’t be denied ?


            Jeremiah and the few friends who helped him

            came to faith in the time which you bought them.

            Ezekiel, Daniel, prophets to the exiles,

            learnt of the God who sustained them through trials.


            And who knows how many obscure, unsung faithful

            owe their salvation to the brief revival

            which God was pleased to use you to accomplish ?

            What better memorial could any king wish ?


            In prime of years, brought low by the spear,

            a last fond tribute faded on the air.

            Your life well rewarded beyond the sky;

                        your death the sign that the end indeed draws nigh.


By Colin Newton. For more about Colin go to his website: