If You’d come down from the cross


                           If You’d come down from the cross,

                        healthy and whole again, putting Your foes to shame,

                           Your people would have crowned You,

                        thousands on thousands believing in Your name.


                           You could have had Your own empire.

                        Who could stop soldiers healed after each fight?

                           Ruling in peace with justice,

                        imposing goodness by military might.


                           If You had wanted glory,

                        power and great wealth, few would have begrudged it.

                           Are these not fitting rewards,

                        for those who do enough good to deserve it?


                           And people would still have thought

                        that prosperity was a sign of God’s favour,

                           that misfortunes were for sinners;

                        and for such sinners there would be no Saviour.


                           Because You stayed on the cross,

                        suffering, dying, and pierced to the heart,

                           and You were raised by God’s hand,

                        we know that from pain can come a fresh start.


                           Though undeserved tragedies strike,

                        hope always remains, whatever our needs.

                           Flowers from desert sands bloom,

                        when long-absent rain awakens the seeds.


                           To those who suffer alone,

                        You come as one who has faced it all before;

                           to those who need hope beyond death,

                        You come as the one who opened heaven’s door.


By Colin Newton. For more about Colin go to his website: http://www.atlaslegacy.co.uk/