Close Encounter

                                    Chairs, people, Bibles, hymns, bread and wine

                                    have been part of my life for so long.

                                    In new surroundings the ritual is familiar;

                                    I am trying to pay attention,

                                    but part of my mind wanders as usual,

                                    even as I kneel at His altar rail.


                                    Suddenly the curtain is pulled aside.

                                    The One who is transcendent,

                                    the One who is awesome,

                                    He is here.

                                    Had Christ not died for me, my spirit would perish now;

                                    were something of this fullness not withheld,

                                    my flesh would wither.


                                    My mind and body act their part in the liturgy,

                                    even as my spirit lies prostrate on the floor,

                                    and the moment passes at the clock’s decree.

                                    But I know someone has touched me.


                                    And I’m asked if I enjoyed the service,

                                    as if God were like a walk along the seashore.


                                    On the day my unclad spirit can taste this new wine neat,

                                    I shall drink deep and be satisfied,

                                    I shall sing and I shall dance,

                                    I shall fall before the throne and I shall be raised up,

                                    I shall be caught up in the transcendent,

                                    And when I search for words to describe it,

                                    ‘enjoyment’ will be far too small.


By Colin Newton. For more about Colin go to his website: