All together now

I don’t mind if you like to worship with drums and guitars and a band;

I don’t mind if you praise with dancing, clapping, and raising of hands;

I don’t mind if you seek quietness for the best expression of your love,

or if you feel that only the best lines ever written are good enough.

I don’t mind if you light candles and let incense fill the air;

but I care if God’s people gather for worship, and you’re not there.


I’m happy if you work behind the scenes, showing one at a time that God cares,

I’m pleased if you go to the High Street and preach in the open air.

I respect it if your greatest service is in cleaning up the hall,

I accept it if you glorify our God by how you paint a wall.

But I mind if you hinder my message to the people who I’m called to reach;

I don’t like it if you build a pulpit only to let a hypocrite preach.


I’m not keen if you query Scriptures, when we’re told God inspired His own word,

but I know Jesus doesn’t tick our doctrines while we’re asking Him to be our Lord.

I assure you, it all holds together when I think through what I believe,

there’s no need to give up on miracles just because some scientists are deceived.

But as long as we trust in God’s promises, we’re travelling along the same course,

and all the different gifts we exercise derive from the same source.


By Colin Newton. For more about Colin go to his website: